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Cop28 shows early promise in tackling loss and damage at climate summit

The deal would be a substantial breakthrough for the summit.

The deal would be a substantial breakthrough for the summit.

Anticipation for Swift Resolution

Reports from Cop28 sources suggest an optimistic outlook for an early agreement on the critical issue of loss and damage. There’s a hopeful prospect that the Cop28 presidency aims to solidify an accord during the opening plenary session of the summit.

Delayed Plenary and Ongoing Negotiations

The plenary session, originally scheduled for 10 am on Thursday, was rescheduled to the afternoon. This shift allows for continued discussions aimed at formalizing the summit’s agenda. However, it’s crucial to note that despite this delay, there are no guarantees within the UNFCCC process.

Significance of a Potential Deal

Should a consensus on loss and damage materialize, it would signify an early achievement for the Cop28 presidency. The concept of loss and damage encompasses providing financial aid to the most vulnerable nations reeling from the severe impacts of climate change.

Implications of Addressing Loss and Damage

Addressing loss and damage is a pivotal step in acknowledging and alleviating the disproportionate effects of climate change on the most vulnerable communities. A successful agreement would reflect a proactive commitment towards supporting nations facing the brunt of environmental crises.


The prospect of an early agreement on loss and damage at Cop28 signals a promising start to the summit. It underscores a concerted effort to tackle the pressing challenges posed by climate change and extends solidarity towards the countries most in need.

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