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COP28: Dr. Sultan welcomes progress on loss and damage fund  

A series of proposals will be considered at Cop28.

A series of proposals will be considered at Cop28.


Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, President-designate of COP28 and Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, expressed his welcome for a significant agreement reached in Abu Dhabi by a special UN committee regarding the loss and damage fund. 

The outcome of these discussions holds particular importance as it will be considered by governments at the upcoming COP28 event, set to commence in Dubai in a matter of weeks.

Key Achievements by the Transitional Committee:

The transitional committee, which convened to address issues related to the loss and damage fund, successfully reached several crucial recommendations during its discussions. These recommendations are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the agenda at COP28.

Background on the Loss and Damage Fund:

The loss and damage fund was initially established at COP27 in the previous year. However, governments encountered challenges in adapting and implementing it effectively. 

To address this, additional rounds of talks were scheduled, including the one in Abu Dhabi, following an impasse in negotiations in Egypt the previous month.

Clear Path to Operationalization:

The recommendations put forth by the transitional committee have been described as clear and strong. They emphasize the need to operationalize the loss and damage fund, along with the associated funding arrangements. 

This development is seen as a significant step forward and sets the stage for an agreement to be reached at COP28.

Dr. Al Jaber’s Perspective:

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber expressed optimism about these developments, highlighting the path they pave towards a formal agreement at COP28. 

The successful operationalization of the loss and damage fund is expected to be a pivotal focus at the forthcoming conference, underscoring the commitment of participating nations to addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

This progress demonstrates the international community’s dedication to addressing issues related to climate change and underscores the importance of collaboration in shaping effective solutions at global climate conferences like COP28.

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