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Cooler Weather in the UAE After Showers

Residents in the UAE may look forward to a more comfortable start to the week as lower temperatures prevail following a week of rain.

Residents in the UAE can anticipate a more pleasant start to their week as cooler temperatures prevail following a spell of showers that graced parts of the country yesterday.

Weather Forecast for the Day:

The weather is expected to be generally fair, with periods of partly cloudy skies. Convective cloud formation is possible, particularly in the eastern and southern regions, which may lead to rainfall during the afternoon.

Temperatures are projected to gradually decrease. The lowest temperature in the country will be around 19ºC, offering a refreshing contrast to the scorching summer days. In contrast, the highest temperature will reach 39ºC, particularly in the country’s interior regions.

Nighttime and Tuesday Morning Conditions:

Humidity levels are expected to increase during the nighttime and into Tuesday morning. There’s a chance of fog or mist formation over select western coastal and inland areas, so residents should exercise caution during these times.

Throughout the day, residents can anticipate light to moderate winds, occasionally freshening. These breezes should provide additional comfort during the day.

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