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Controversial Timed-Out Decision Mars Crucial World Cup Match

Yesterday's game took an unexpected turn when a timed-out judgement was made against Sri Lankan player Angelo Mathews.

As the World Cup enters its last week of the league stage, two significant objectives are in sight for participating teams. 

The first is to secure a spot in the semifinals, with two positions still up for grabs. The second, less talked about but equally important, is qualification for the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan.

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Compete for Champions Trophy Qualification:

In a match that held the hopes of Champions Trophy qualification, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh faced off on Monday. 

However, the game took an unexpected turn with a controversial timed-out decision against Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews.

The Controversial Timed-Out Decision:

The controversy revolved around Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, appealing against Angelo Mathews, who was late in taking strike after the fall of Sri Lanka’s fourth wicket. 

The decision to declare Mathews “timed out” was based on ICC rules, which require the new batsman to be ready to “receive the next ball within 2 minutes of the (previous) dismissal or retirement.”

At the time of the fourth wicket’s fall, Mathews was already on the pitch. However, his helmet strap broke, and he requested a replacement helmet. 

A substitute brought a new helmet, but the two-minute window had expired. Shakib appealed, leading to Mathews being given the “timed out” decision.

Despite Mathews’ pleas with the umpire and Shakib, he failed to convince the rival team’s skipper to withdraw the appeal, leading to a visibly frustrated Mathews storming back to the pavilion, throwing his bat and gear angrily.

A Controversy Against the Spirit of the Game:

While rules govern cricket, many in the cricketing community felt that the “timed out” decision went against the spirit of the game. 

This World Cup showcased some excellent cricket, especially from Team India. Still, a batsman being given a “timed out” decision was certainly not the kind of incident fans hoped to witness.

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