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Controversial Real Estate Job Advertisement Sparks Backlash in Dubai

A recent job advertisement in Dubai for a female real estate agent sparked significant criticism for its unusual criteria.

A recent job advertisement for a female real estate position in Dubai has ignited widespread criticism for its unconventional requirement, urging candidates to strategically leverage dating apps for client outreach. 

The posting, hosted by Naukri Gulf on behalf of a real estate company, faced significant backlash, particularly from within the real estate sector.

Job Requirements Spark Backlash:

The advertisement specified that the ideal candidate, irrespective of nationality, should have “proven experience using dating apps professionally or personally.” 

The outlined responsibilities included strategically utilizing dating apps to connect with potential clients and implementing creative approaches to introduce the company’s services within the dating app community.

Criticism from Industry Professionals:

Critics, notably female real estate agents, condemned the ad as disrespectful and demeaning. Sofia Stavrakoglou, a luxury investment portfolio manager at Elysian, described the company’s directive as “pathetic and repulsive,” emphasizing the importance of ethical practices in the industry. 

Nesrine Belaid of Dacha Real Estate expressed concern, stating that such lead-generation methods disrespect agents and cast a negative light on female realtors in the market.

Social Media Outcry and Removal of Advertisement:

Angry comments flooded social media platforms as screenshots of the controversial ad went viral. In response to the public outcry, the ad has been removed. 

However, attempts to seek clarification from Naukri Gulf and the real estate company through emails remain unanswered, raising questions about the initial publication of the ad.

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