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Congressional Call for University Leadership Removal Over Handling of Antisemitism

Representatives Elise Stefanik and Jared Moskowitz, joined by 72 other lawmakers, have requested that Harvard be fired immediately.

Representatives Elise Stefanik and Jared Moskowitz, supported by 72 other lawmakers, have demanded the immediate dismissal of Harvard, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania presidents. 

Their joint letter accuses these leaders of inadequately addressing antisemitism on campus, leading to an unsafe environment for Jewish and Israeli students and faculty.

Allegations of Inaction:

The lawmakers’ letter highlights instances of targeted harassment, violent protests advocating for the elimination of the Jewish state, and the discomfort faced by Jewish and Israeli individuals on campus. 

It alleges that university leaders’ failure to act has contributed to an increasingly hostile educational environment.

University Presidents’ Testimony Raises Concerns:

During House testimony, the university presidents faced scrutiny for their response to on-campus protests advocating violence against Israel and Jews. 

Harvard and UPenn presidents’ responses were critiqued as evasive, while MIT’s president emphasized language’s contextuality, leading to lawmakers’ dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction with Responses:

Stefanik and Moskowitz expressed discontent with the presidents’ responses, labeling them as “abhorrent,” and criticized the perceived evasiveness in condemning antisemitic actions. 

They urged the immediate removal of the presidents and the implementation of a safety plan for Jewish and Israeli individuals on campus.

Congressional Investigation Initiated:

Stefanik announced a formal congressional investigation into the universities’ handling of antisemitism issues, emphasizing that anything short of leadership removal and ensuring the safety of Jewish individuals would be seen as complicity in fostering an antisemitic atmosphere.

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