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Confirmed and suspected British casualties in Israel-Gaza attacks 

An official UK source has told the press that around 10 British nationals are feared dead or missing in Israel after Hamas’s weekend invasion.

In the recent tragic events, Nathanel Young and Bernard Cowan have been confirmed as the only British casualties.

Photographer Dan Darlington’s Status Uncertain

Photographer Dan Darlington’s situation remains uncertain, as his family believes he may have lost his life.

High Casualty Count in Israel’s Recent Attacks

The toll from the ongoing violence in Israel has been devastating, with over 700 people losing their lives since the launch of attacks by Hamas on Saturday morning.

Tragic Incident at Music Festival

Among the casualties is Jake Marlowe, a Briton who was providing security at a music festival. He has been reported as missing in the aftermath of the event.

Identification of Bernard Cowan

Bernard Cowan, hailing from Glasgow, has been identified by family members on social media as one of the individuals who tragically lost their life in the attack.

These developments highlight the somber and devastating impact of recent events, with both confirmed and suspected casualties among British nationals. 

The situation remains fluid and ongoing, with families and authorities continuing their efforts to account for and identify those affected.

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