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Concerns Mount as Dubai’s Liwan Community Faces Safety Issues

The Queue Point neighbourhood in Liwan is dealing with safety concerns, which has resulted in a regulation prohibiting access to building parking spots.

The Queue Point community in Liwan, Dubailand, is grappling with safety concerns leading to a directive preventing access to building parking spots. 

This precautionary measure triggers worries, especially in light of past incidents involving structural flaws in neighboring buildings developed by the same company.

Echoes of the Past: Mazaya 3 and 4 Residents Still Await Answers:

Residents of Mazaya 3 and 4, facing uncertainty since their evacuation over a year ago due to structural issues, express frustration. 

The once-thriving community resembles a ghost town, leaving homeowners seeking clarity on their future.

As authorities focus on Mazaya 27, 28, and 29, residents confirm structural discrepancies, leading to safety measures such as installing scaffolding. 

Memories of past parking-related issues raise fears among homeowners, hoping to avoid a similar fate.

Parking Woes: Residents Forced to Seek Alternatives Amid Closure:

Closing parking areas prompts residents to park in undesignated spaces, resulting in traffic violations and penalties. 

Attempts by property management to allocate parking plots in nearby buildings prove insufficient, leaving some homeowners dissatisfied.

Kaizen Owner Association Management Services faces backlash as residents argue that increased maintenance fees are unjustified. 

Complaints about poorly maintained lobbies and minimal upkeep add to the discontent, with some residents spending more time searching for parking than commuting.

Safety Measures and Rectification Plans: 

Kaizen Owner Association Management Services responds, regretting the inconveniences residents face. 

Emphasizing their adherence to Dubai’s Property Ownership Law, the company highlights ongoing safety precautions and measures, awaiting approvals for necessary rectification work.

Residents voice concerns about the depreciation of property values and fear potential eviction, reminiscent of the situation in Mazaya 3 and 4. 

The suspension of property transactions in those buildings further amplifies the uncertainty surrounding the real estate in the community.

Committee Findings and Evacuation Orders: 

A committee formed by the Dubai Land Department and developer Al Mazaya Real Estate identified severe defects in Mazaya 3 and 4, leading to evacuation orders. 

The report, submitted in March 2022, highlighted issues such as corrosion and concrete breakdown due to a high concentration of chlorides.

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