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Composer-in-Residence Alexey Shor Reflects on Classic Piano Competition and InClassica Festival

Composer-in-Residence Alexey Shor Reflects on Classic Piano Competition and InClassica Festival

Renowned composer Alexey Shor shares insights into his ongoing affiliation with the Classic Piano International Competition and his excitement for the InClassica Festival, shedding light on the significance of competitions in nurturing young talents in the music industry. In an exclusive interview, Shor discusses the emotional essence of music, the role of competitions in showcasing emerging musicians, and his distinct roles at both events. Here are the key highlights from the interview:

Embracing Classic Piano International Competition:

  • Shor expresses his delight in returning to the Classic Piano International Competition, lauding its rigorous selection process and the opportunity to hear talented performers interpret his compositions.
  • He emphasizes the importance of emotional connection over technical proficiency in music, highlighting the joy of witnessing musicians breathe life into his music during the competition.

Role of Competitions in Music:

  • Shor underscores the significance of competitions in the classical music realm, citing them as a vital platform to spotlight promising young musicians and garner global attention.
  • He acknowledges the buzz surrounding upcoming performers and the role competitions play in elevating their careers, making them a crucial avenue for aspiring musicians to gain recognition.

InClassica Festival:

  • As Composer-in-Residence for both InClassica and Classic Piano, Shor contrasts the dynamics of the two events, emphasizing his active involvement in rehearsals and interactions with performers at InClassica.
  • He expresses excitement about premiering new compositions at InClassica, highlighting the anticipation of hearing his music performed live by orchestras and the thrill of sharing it with audiences.

Dubai as a Cultural Hub:

  • Shor commends InClassica for its pivotal role in promoting classical music in the Middle East, envisioning Dubai as a potential cultural epicenter akin to European and American music capitals.
  • He reflects on the inspirational impact of his experiences in the Middle East on his creative process, citing interactions with fellow musicians and the vibrancy of Dubai as sources of inspiration for his compositions.

Through his reflections, Alexey Shor encapsulates the essence of musical innovation, the transformative power of competitions, and the cultural significance of events like InClassica in shaping the landscape of classical music in the Middle East.

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