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Cochin Customs Seizes Gold Worth Millions in Smuggling Busts

On Sunday, Cochin Customs agents made a huge arrest, apprehending a smuggler carrying 954.70 grammes of gold worth Rs5.2 million.

Cochin Customs officials made a significant bust on Sunday, apprehending a smuggler carrying 954.70 grams of gold valued at Rs5.2 million. The concealed gold was discovered within the passenger’s body.

Officials reported that the Cochin Customs Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) flagged a passenger arriving from Abu Dhabi via Air Arabia’s flight no. 3L127 based on profiling. The interception occurred at the green channel.

Gold Concealment Method:

Upon examination, officers recovered four capsule-shaped packets containing gold in compound form, weighing a total of 954.70 grams, hidden inside the passenger’s body. The seized gold is now under investigation, and further inquiries are ongoing.

Previous Seizure at Indira Gandhi International Airport:

On November 22, Customs officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport intercepted another smuggling attempt. 

They seized 3735 grams of gold valued at Rs1.99 Crores from three foreign nationals arriving from Dubai. The passengers involved were arrested under the Customs Act of 1962.

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