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Climate Activists Rally for Climate Justice and Solidarity at COP28 in Dubai

Approximately 2,000 climate activists have gathered, boosting their combined voice for climate justice and human rights protection.

Amidst the proceedings of COP28 in Dubai, approximately 2,000 climate activists have converged, amplifying their collective voice for climate justice and the protection of human rights.

Demanding Ceasefire and Solidarity:

These activists, united under a banner boldly stating “Ceasefire Now” in English and Arabic, passionately marched around the UN-controlled Blue Zone, vocalizing their call for action. 

The protesters’ fervor was underlined by their unequivocal demand for a ceasefire in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Global Day of Action for Climate Justice:

From the UAE to Uganda, over 300 cities worldwide supported Palestine on the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. 

The COP28 Coalition, an alliance of more than 350 climate civil society organizations from 75 countries, highlighted this widespread participation, emphasizing the call for an end to settler colonialism and apartheid.

Within COP28, two distinct zones exist: the Blue Zone, governed by the UNFCCC for formal climate negotiations, and the Green Zone, open to the public and under the UAE’s purview.

Largest Demonstration Yet:

Saturday’s UNFCCC-approved protest marked the largest gathering during the Dubai Climate Summit. Surpassing previous rallies, this demonstration saw a significant increase in participation, tenfold more than the emotional sit-down rally on December 3.

Chants of ‘Ceasefire now!’ and messages of ‘Land back; Stop the occupation; Right of return’ resonated through the Blue Zone. 

Activists, adorned in keffiyehs and wielding poignant banners, passionately voiced demands for immediate climate action and fair financial aid for communities impacted by climate change.

Amidst the Calls for Climate Justice:

Alongside the urgent calls for climate justice, the protesters also highlighted the devastating impact of violence in Gaza, citing statistics from the Palestinian Health Ministry regarding casualties from Israeli bombings.

The demonstration was not solely chants and protests. Indigenous representatives joined in solidarity, sharing stories, songs, and invocations. 

A song for peace echoed through the gathering, serving as a prayer for healing and a call for liberation.

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