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Climate activists push for stronger fossil fuel language at Cop28

Advocacy groups require fresh assistance to the loss and damage fund.

Advocacy groups require fresh assistance to the loss and damage fund.

Advocating for Change:

Climate activists are urging revisions to the global stocktake document at Cop28, demanding clearer language regarding fossil fuels. Negotiators from 198 countries, amid criticism of diluted content, are striving to finalize this critical document during the extended summit in Dubai.

Unmet Expectations:

The draft text published on Monday fell short of the anticipated call for a “phase-out” of fossil fuels, leading to disappointment among climate campaigners after over a week of discussions. 

Sebastian Duyck from the Centre for International Environmental Law stressed the need for crucial red lines to be reinforced, citing the importance of a clear stance on fossil fuel phase-out and the fulfillment of climate finance commitments by developed nations.

Activist Demands:

Campaigners at Cop28 emphasized four critical aspects, including the necessity for a robust political signal through fossil fuel phase-out and the pivotal role of climate finance in enabling an effective transition. The call is directed at developed countries to honor their commitments, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these core issues.

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