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“Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi: Leading the Charge as a Global Healthcare Pioneer”

Fatima bint Mubarak Center at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Marks Successful First Year of Cancer Treatment

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a cornerstone of the UAE’s healthcare landscape, has received international acclaim as one of the world’s top hospitals. According to the latest Brand Finance Global Top 250 Hospitals report, the esteemed institution has climbed to the 42nd position, marking a significant leap from its previous ranking. This recognition underscores the hospital’s unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery and innovation.

Dr. Jorge Guzman, the Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, expressed gratitude for the prestigious acknowledgment. He emphasized that being ranked among the top 50 academic medical centers globally is a testament to their dedication to providing world-class care to patients not only in the UAE but also across the broader region.

“At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to our patients and advancing medical research,” Dr. Guzman stated. “Our vision is to be the best place to receive care, and this recognition reaffirms our position as a leader in transforming the healthcare landscape in the UAE and beyond.”

The hospital’s commitment to excellence is evident in its continuous efforts to introduce cutting-edge technology and strengthen its multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. Dr. Guzman highlighted their focus on advancing research and sharing knowledge within the healthcare community, underscoring their role as a pioneering destination for complex care.

One of the milestones in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s journey was the inauguration of a dedicated cancer center last year. Spanning 19,000 square meters and modeled after Cleveland Clinic’s renowned Taussig Cancer Center in the United States, the facility represents a significant advancement in cancer care in the region. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and staffed by a team of 150 nurses, physicians, and radiologists, the center offers comprehensive multidisciplinary cancer consultations and personalized treatment plans.

“Our goal with the cancer center is to provide patients with access to world-class cancer care close to home,” Dr. Guzman explained. “We have assembled a team of experts from around the world to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care and support throughout their treatment journey.”

While Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi leads among UAE hospitals on the global stage, other institutions in the region have also earned recognition. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre in Saudi Arabia was named the 20th best hospital globally, underscoring the GCC’s growing prominence in the global healthcare landscape.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, other GCC countries have also made significant strides in healthcare excellence. Hospitals in Qatar and Bahrain, including the National Centre for Cancer Care and Research and King Hamad University Hospital, respectively, have secured positions among the top 100 hospitals globally, further solidifying the region’s reputation for world-class healthcare services.

The recognition of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and other leading hospitals in the GCC reaffirms the region’s commitment to advancing healthcare standards and improving patient outcomes. As these institutions continue to push the boundaries of medical innovation and excellence, patients in the UAE and across the region can expect to receive the highest quality of care closer to home.

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