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Chris Evans Confirms Marriage to Alba Baptista

During his appearance at the New York City Comic-Con, Chris Evans, 42, confirmed his marriage to Alba Baptista.

Chris Evans, 42, confirmed his marriage to Alba Baptista during his panel at the New York City Comic Con, an annual event that brings together celebrities and stars from comics, movies, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, and more.

Two Ceremonies and Portuguese Connection:

Evans shared details about his marriage during the panel, saying, “I got married. It was great. We kinda had two ceremonies. We had one on the East Coast, and we did one in Portugal. My wife’s Portuguese. Yeah, go Portugal!”

Wedding Planning Challenges:

He described the wedding planning process, emphasizing that it’s a lot of work. “For married people, it takes a lot out of you. 

Now that we’re through that, we’ve just been enjoying life, gearing up for autumn, my favorite season. It’s like the best time of year right now. Now we’re just relaxing and enjoying life and reflecting,” Evans explained.

Evans’ disclosure at the Comic-Con event put any speculation about his marriage with Baptista to rest. Fans and well-wishers noticed him wearing a wedding band at the event.

Star-Studded Wedding:

Reports suggest that superstars like Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, and others attended Evans’ wedding celebrations.

Please note that this article represents the provided text and is not based on any real events or statements by Chris Evans.

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