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Chinese Contractor Wins Contract for Dubai Road Tunnel Project

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A Major Infrastructure Upgrade in Dubai

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a significant project to upgrade Umm Suqeim Street, involving the construction of a new road tunnel. This project, valued at $90 million, has been awarded to a Chinese contracting company, marking a key development in Dubai’s ongoing infrastructure enhancement efforts.

Project Scope and Impact

The Umm Suqeim Street upgrade is a part of Dubai’s broader strategy to improve traffic flow and enhance road safety. The project includes the construction of a tunnel that aims to reduce congestion and streamline transportation in one of the city’s busiest areas.

Selection of the Chinese Contractor

The selection of the Chinese contractor for this project underscores the growing international collaboration in Dubai’s infrastructure sector. The chosen company’s expertise in large-scale infrastructure projects played a crucial role in their appointment for this high-profile project.

Strategic Importance of Umm Suqeim Street

Umm Suqeim Street is a vital thoroughfare in Dubai, connecting several key areas and serving as a major artery for both residents and visitors. The upgrade of this street, particularly with the addition of the tunnel, is expected to significantly improve travel times and provide a more efficient route for commuters.

Future Infrastructure Plans in Dubai

The RTA’s ongoing commitment to infrastructure development is evident in its continuous investment in road improvements and expansions. The Umm Suqeim Street project is part of a series of planned developments aimed at enhancing Dubai’s status as a leading global city with world-class infrastructure.


The awarding of the Umm Suqeim Street tunnel project to a Chinese contractor reflects Dubai’s open approach to international expertise in its quest for urban development. This project is a key step in the city’s ongoing efforts to improve its infrastructure and cater to its growing population and economic activities.

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