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Chinese Citizen Accused of Spying for the United States to Face Trial

China's top spy agency has stated that a Chinese citizen working for a defence institute is being accused of espionage for the US.

China’s top spy agency has revealed that a Chinese citizen who had been working for a defense institute is facing accusations of spying for the United States. The case has now been transferred to a court in Chengdu for trial.

Beijing’s Commitment to National Security:

This case underscores Beijing’s strong commitment to national security. China has taken extensive measures to safeguard its interests, including enacting anti-spying laws and crackdowns on domestic corruption.

According to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, a man identified as Hou, who worked at an undisclosed defense institute, was sent as a visiting scholar to a U.S. university in 2013. 

It is alleged that he was coerced into revealing Chinese state secrets during his time in the United States.

Espionage Methods:

CCTV reported that a U.S. professor with close ties to Hou introduced him to someone claiming to work for a consulting company. 

However, this person turned out to be an American “intelligence officer” operating under the guise of the company. 

Subsequently, the intelligence officer convinced Hou to become a consulting expert and promised payment of $600-$700 for each service rendered.

Espionage Activities Revealed:

Over the following months, the American intelligence officer, in discussions with Hou, unveiled his true intentions and proposed a change in their cooperation. 

Fearing for the safety of his wife and son, Hou reluctantly agreed. Under this arrangement, Hou would disclose highly classified secrets in hour-long sessions for $1,000 in compensation.

Hou’s cooperation with the U.S. intelligence officer extended even after he returned to China in 2014. 

He would meet with U.S. intelligence officers during international conferences and voluntarily provide intelligence information in national defense and the military industry.

Legal Action:

Following investigations by the Chinese government, Hou was detained in July 2021 and subsequently charged with suspicion of espionage.

In recent years, China has detained and arrested numerous Chinese and foreign nationals on suspicion of espionage. 

This has raised concerns in the United States over China’s extensive counter-espionage initiatives.

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