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China Executes Two Filipinos for Drug Trafficking

Despite high-level Philippine government petitions, China killed two nameless Filipinos for drug trafficking.

China executed two unnamed Filipinos for drug trafficking despite high-level appeals from the Philippine government to commute their death sentences to life imprisonment. 

The executions, which occurred on November 24, were approved by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Respect for the families’ privacy prevented the identification of the individuals.

Government Efforts and Chinese Response:

The Department of Foreign Affairs highlighted the continuous support provided to the individuals from their arrest in 2013 until their convictions in 2016 by a lower Chinese court. 

The Philippine government offered extensive assistance, including financial aid for their legal defense. 

Despite exhaustive appeals, the Chinese government, citing internal laws, upheld the convictions, emphasizing the need to respect China’s legal processes.

Warning and Government Stance:

Authorities issued a warning to Filipino travelers, urging vigilance against drug syndicates that exploit them as couriers or “drug mules.” 

The government emphasized the necessity of refusing uninspected packages from others. 

While expressing commitment to aiding overseas nationals, the government underscored that foreign countries’ laws and decisions prevail in such cases.

Context and Relations with China:

The executions occurred amid escalating territorial disputes among China and also the Philippines in the South China Sea. 

Tensions have risen, marked by over 100 diplomatic protests filed by the Philippines through the Department of Foreign Affairs, particularly since President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. assumed office last June.

Government’s Reaction and Ongoing Efforts:

The Department of Foreign Affairs expressed sadness over the executions, emphasizing their determination to eradicate drug syndicates preying on vulnerable individuals seeking better lives. 

Despite the sad event, the government reiterated its commitment to relentless efforts to eliminate these criminal networks.

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