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Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max: A Global Sensation in the SUV Landscape

The Chery Tiggo series is a global sensation that has played an important role in Chery's overall evolution.

In the fiercely competitive automotive arena, the Chery Tiggo series stands out as a global sensation, pivotal in Chery’s overall evolution. 

The Tiggo 7 Pro Max, the flagship SUV model, has garnered widespread acclaim for its robust performance and aesthetic allure, emerging as the preferred choice among discerning users globally.

Striking Design and Aesthetics:

The Tiggo 7 Pro Max showcases Chery’s latest family-style design concept, seamlessly blending mechanical prowess with striking aesthetics. 

Its front face features a distinctive six-sided diamond-shaped grille adorned with bright stars, evoking the brilliance of diamonds. 

Noteworthy design elements include a blackened grid, a unique dynamic steering design in the black lattice matrix LED headlights, and T-shaped crystal-transparent front fog lamps, adding elegance and instant recognition.

Powerful Stance and Profile:

The SUV’s powerful stance is characterized by horizontal and square upper waistlines and dynamic round lower waistlines, imparting a sense of speed and strength. 

The sky-dome floating roof design raises the visual height laterally, complemented by 18-inch super-large sports wheels catering to the aspirations of younger consumers. This design manages tire noise effectively, enhancing the driving experience.

Behind its refined appearance, the Tiggo 7 Pro Max incorporates Chery’s latest technology, enhancing its strength and capabilities. 

Power, space, technology, and safety improvements contribute to its position as a leader in the global SUV market.

Global Availability and UAE Market Entry:

The Tiggo 7 Pro Max, with its leading sales figures and widespread user praise, is set to make its mark in the UAE market starting in December 2023. 

Priced at Dh82,500, this SUV promises automotive enthusiasts in the region an opportunity to experience firsthand the pinnacle of Chery’s automotive excellence.

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