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Chef Paco Morales Brings Historical Haute Cuisine to Dubai with Qabu

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A Culinary Journey from Al-Andalus to Dubai

Chef Paco Morales, renowned for his three Michelin-star restaurant Noor in Spain, is set to open Qabu at One&Only One Za’abeel in Dubai. This new venture will be part of the hotel’s high-end culinary hub, The Link. Qabu’s menu will reflect historical periods from the 10th to 18th centuries, incorporating “Occidental cuisine with Andalusian touches.” Morales intends to infuse Qabu with his culinary philosophy while ensuring it has its own unique personality and language​​.

Since 2016, Noor has been notable for its menus inspired by different historical centuries, featuring ingredients like pigeon meat and bitter oranges, which were typical in past eras. Morales’ approach is not to replicate the past cuisines but to interpret them, adding modern touches while respecting historical authenticity​​.

Morales believes that Dubai, with its growing culinary scene and openness to innovation, presents a significant opportunity for Qabu. He emphasizes competing with oneself and aims to attract diners to Qabu’s unique dining experience. His journey, which began in his father’s kitchen, now extends to Dubai, where he hopes to make a mark with Qabu’s distinctive concept​​.

In summary, Qabu is set to offer a unique dining experience in Dubai, blending historical culinary traditions with modern interpretations. Chef Paco Morales’ passion for history-infused cuisine and his commitment to innovation are poised to add a new dimension to Dubai’s vibrant culinary landscape.

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