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Chef Monserrato Marini Foresees Sustainability and Innovation in Dubai

Renowned restaurateur Chef Monserrato Marini forecasts considerable progress in the food and beverage sector in Dubai.

Renowned restaurateur Chef Monserrato Marini predicts significant strides in sustainability within Dubai’s food and beverages sector. 

Anticipated changes range from embracing locally sourced ingredients to adopting eco-friendly packaging, all while leveraging technology for online ordering, delivery enhancements, and seamless payments.

A Vision for Dubai’s F&B Landscape:

In an interview with Khaleej Times, Chef Marini highlighted the city’s potential for growth, praising its diverse populace and recognizing the opportunities for success. 

He expressed his admiration for Dubai and its friendly environment, prompting his decision to relocate his family and establish his business there.

Marini emphasized the growing appreciation for Mediterranean cuisine in the UAE, particularly the demand for Italian and Mediterranean dishes known for their quality. 

He underscored the significance of sourcing fresh, organic produce from local European farmers, emphasizing its authenticity and health benefits for diners in the UAE.

Focus on Sustainability and Expansion Plans:

The chef’s commitment to sustainability is evident in his focus on local suppliers and organic ingredients, striving to maintain a sustainable approach in his culinary endeavors. 

Looking ahead, Marini aims to enhance his brand while focusing on expanding to new prime locations and prioritizing continuous improvement and growth for the upcoming year.

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