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Check the Weather Forecast for Today in the UAE

Expect low clouds in some locations, maybe accompanied by convective cloud formation in the northern parts.

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts a partly cloudy day across the UAE. 

Expect low clouds in certain areas, potentially accompanied by convective cloud formation in the northern regions, increasing the likelihood of rainfall. 

Anticipate light to moderate winds, occasionally strengthening.

Temperature Variations Across the Emirates:

Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 29ºC across the country. Specifically, Abu Dhabi may experience a high of 29ºC, while Dubai could see temperatures climbing to 30ºC. 

However, prepare for cooler conditions, dropping to 21ºC in Abu Dhabi, 19ºC in Dubai, and as low as 12ºC in mountainous areas.

Humidity and Fog Expectations:

Humidity is projected to increase during the night and into Wednesday morning, with a possibility of fog or mist formation in certain internal areas. 

Humidity levels will range between 40 to 85 percent in Abu Dhabi and 35 to 80 percent in Dubai.

At sea, conditions will vary slightly to moderately in the Arabian Gulf, occasionally reaching moderate levels. 

In the Oman Sea, expect generally slight conditions throughout the day.

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