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Check out new fuel prices from October 1 in Dubai 

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The UAE fuel price board has revealed petrol and diesel prices for October 2023. The new prices will apply from October 1.

Super 98 Petrol: In October 2023, the price of Super 98 petrol in Dubai will be Dh3.44 per litre, a slight increase from Dh3.42 in September.

Special 95 Petrol: The cost of Special 95 petrol is set at Dh3.33 per litre for October, up from Dh3.31 in the previous month.

E-Plus 91 Petrol: E-Plus 91 petrol will be priced at Dh3.26 per litre in October, compared to Dh3.23 in September.

Diesel: For diesel, the price in October 2023 will be Dh3.57 per litre, marking an increase from Dh3.40 in September.

These adjustments in fuel prices can have an impact on the overall cost of living and transportation for residents and businesses in Dubai, so it’s important for individuals and organizations to monitor these changes as part of their budgeting and financial planning.

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