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Chaos at Maracana: Argentina-Brazil match disorder to be investigated by Fifa 

Football's world governing body, Fifa, has opened punitive proceedings after crowd trouble delayed Brazil's World Cup qualifier versus Argentina.

Football’s world governing body, Fifa, has opened punitive proceedings after crowd trouble delayed Brazil’s World Cup qualifier versus Argentina.

Unfortunate Halt

A distressing turn of events unfolded at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium, prompting a 30-minute suspension of the Argentina-Brazil match after a violent altercation erupted in one of the stands.

Lionel Messi’s Concerns

Following the distressing incident, Argentina’s captain Lionel Messi expressed grave concern, suggesting the potential for a catastrophe and criticized the police’s handling of the situation. Messi highlighted the use of force by police officers wielding batons.

Potential Sanctions Loom

Both national federations now face potential sanctions in the aftermath of the disruptive episode, raising concerns about the repercussions that may follow.

Trouble at Anthem Time

The turmoil began during the rendition of the national anthems before Tuesday’s scheduled game, escalating quickly into a chaotic situation.

Confrontation and Escalation

The situation intensified as police charged at fans, resulting in some supporters ripping out seats and hurling them at law enforcement officers. In the midst of the chaos, a portion of the fans spilled onto the pitch in an attempt to escape the escalating violence.

Players’ Attempts to Quell Tension

Players from both teams took on the role of peacemakers, approaching the stand to pacify the escalating tensions. Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was seen in a gesture attempting to disarm a police officer by grabbing their baton in an effort to diffuse the situation.

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