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Chance of Rainfall in Parts of UAE, NCM Issues Alerts

Residents in the UAE can start their Friday with the good news of anticipated rain, especially in the country's west.

Residents in the UAE can start their Friday with the promising news of potential rainfall, particularly in western areas of the country, as forecasted by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). 

The NCM has given orange and yellow alerts for specific regions, urging residents to stay informed, especially if engaging in outdoor activities.

Weather Conditions:

The NCM reports the likelihood of light to moderate winds throughout the day, occasionally freshening and causing blowing dust and sand, particularly in specific areas. 

The sea conditions are expected to range from slight to moderate, becoming rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and remaining slight in the Oman Sea.

Beach and Outdoor Alerts:

With the potential for rainfall and changing sea conditions, the NCM advises caution for those planning beach activities. 

Alerts have been issued to keep residents informed about the evolving weather conditions, emphasizing the need for vigilance during outdoor pursuits.

Temperatures are anticipated to increase, with the maximum reaching 37ºC and the minimum dropping to 20ºC in internal parts of the country. 

However, mountainous regions are expected to experience a decline in temperatures, reaching as low as 12ºC, providing a cooler atmosphere.

Forecast Duration:

The weather conditions, including the chance of rainfall and associated alerts, are expected to persist until 8 pm on the same day. Residents are urged to stay updated on the latest weather developments through official channels.

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