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“Champions of Compassion: Yacoub and ‘Mother’ Nelly Awarded for Human Fraternity”

Human Fraternity

“Zayed Award Honors Global Humanitarians for Fostering Unity and Peace”

The Zayed Award for Human Fraternity, a beacon of global solidarity and peace, has honored two prominent figures: Egyptian cardiac surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub and Chilean grassroots leader Sister Nelly Leon Correa. Their unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes embodies the spirit of the Document on Human Fraternity, an initiative aiming to strengthen human bonds and promote world peace. Sir Yacoub’s heart foundation and Sister Nelly’s advocacy for women’s rehabilitation are testaments to their dedication to fraternity and humanitarian service. This prestigious recognition underlines the UAE’s commitment to honoring individuals and organizations that strive to unite humanity through their compassionate endeavors.

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