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Cesc Fabregas: a new chapter as a manager at Como

Former Arsenal, Chelsea, and Barcelona player Cesc Fabregas has been appointed as the interim boss of Italian club Como.

Former Arsenal, Chelsea, and Barcelona player Cesc Fabregas has been appointed as the interim boss of Italian club Como.

In a significant move for both the club and the former football star, Cesc Fabregas, at the age of 36, steps into his first senior management role with Como. This transition comes as he succeeds Moreno Longo, marking a shift from his playing days to a leadership position.

Player to Coach: Fabregas’ Journey at Como

Fabregas, having played 17 times for the Serie B side last season, made the seamless transition from the field to coaching. His journey began with taking charge of Como’s youth and reserve teams after retiring from active play. 

This move demonstrates Fabregas’ commitment to nurturing talent and contributing to the club’s development beyond his playing years.

New Direction for Como: Excitement and Entertainment for Fans

Como’s official statement outlines a desire to embark on a new path under Fabregas’ leadership, with the hope of delivering more excitement and entertainment for the fans. The appointment signals a strategic shift for the club, and the statement hints at a forthcoming permanent appointment in the near future.

First Test: Fabregas’ Debut Match at Home

Cesc Fabregas’ managerial debut with Como is set for the home game against Feralpisalo on November 25, following the international break. The match marks the beginning of a new era under his guidance, and fans will be eager to witness the imprint he puts on the team’s playing style and strategy.

Promising Position: Como’s Standings in Serie B

As Fabregas assumes the managerial reins, Como finds itself in a commendable sixth position in the Serie B table, having accumulated 21 points from the initial 12 games. 

The club’s decision to bring in Fabregas reflects a commitment to building on this promising start and achieving further success under his leadership.

As the football community watches Cesc Fabregas embark on this new chapter in his career, there’s anticipation and excitement surrounding the impact he can make as the manager of Como. His first steps into senior management promise to be a compelling narrative for both fans and football enthusiasts alike.

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