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Celebrating Union Day: newborns welcome in the UAE

Parents say the birth of infants on Union Day is a 'source of great joy.'

Parents say the birth of infants on Union Day is a ‘source of great joy.’

Special Union Day Arrivals

Families in the UAE celebrated the 52nd Union Day weekend with the arrival of newborns into their homes, marking a special occasion for many.

Emarat’s Arrival at Burjeel Royal Hospital

At Burjeel Royal Hospital in Abu Dhabi, Palestinian couple Ashraf Khedr and Lmais Mohammed welcomed their fourth child. They honored the spirit of Union Day by naming their newborn daughter “Emarat.”

Emarat’s Birth and Tribute

Emarat entered the world at 12.01am on Saturday, weighing 2.9kg. Dr. Mohammad Subhi Al Saad, a consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, facilitated the delivery.

Gratitude and Joy

Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Khedr stated, “Thank God for the safety of my wife and my daughter Emarat.” The couple conveyed immense happiness in welcoming their fourth child and chose to commemorate Union Day with their daughter’s name.

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