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Celebrating Diwali in Dubai: A Festival of Lights and Togetherness

Residents across the city are banding together to share joy, decking their balconies with colourful lights and creating elaborate rangolis to celebrate Diwali.

Residents across the city are coming together to spread joy, celebrating Diwali by adorning their balconies with colorful lights and crafting intricate rangolis at their doorsteps.

Twinkling Neighborhoods:

Many neighborhoods in Dubai, including Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai, Karama, and Al Barsha, are now aglow with vibrant lights. 

Residents have transformed their spaces into dazzling displays, using everything from fairy lights to colorful lanterns to celebrate the festival of lights.

Aparna Yadav, a Mankhool resident, said, “We have decorated our home with lights all over. This is the time of the year our home turns into a vibrant, colorful place.” 

She added that the neighborhood is alive with colors and lights, making it a glittering spectacle during this festive season.

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Unity in Celebration:

Indian Women in Dubai organized various events leading up to Diwali, creating a sense of family among its members. 

Shalini Ruben, a mother and entrepreneur, highlighted, “Diwali in Dubai is truly magical.” Ruben organized a delightful get-together, fostering a strong sense of community among Indian women in the city.

The tradition of rangoli, an ancient art form involving intricate patterns created with colored powders, rice, or flower petals, is embraced by many households. 

These designs, inspired by cultural motifs, enhance the festive decorations, adding an extra layer of beauty.

Warmth of Togetherness:

As Diwali approaches, families eagerly prepare to host friends, donning traditional attire and adorning their doorsteps with beautiful rangolis. 

Seema Mistry, a resident of JVC, shared, “I’m putting up lots of colorful lights and decorations at my house. It’s not just making my home look pretty; it’s spreading happiness to everyone around.”

Dubai’s Welcoming Spirit:

Vrushali Zagade, a long-time resident of Dubai from Mumbai, Maharashtra, reflected on the city’s welcoming atmosphere. 

Despite being away from their family in Mumbai, the presence of a vibrant Indian community in Dubai makes them feel at home.

Dr. Supriya Chauhan, a dentist, expressed her excitement about Diwali, especially since her parents are in the UAE and it’s her son’s first Diwali. 

She highlighted the diversity and warmth of Dubai, where friends from various nationalities join in celebrating the rich cultures of their respective countries.

Diwali in Dubai is not just a festival of lights; it’s a celebration of unity, community, and the rich tapestry of cultures that make the city truly special.

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