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Celebrating Christmas in the UAE: Diverse Traditions and Unifying Spirit

Christmas in the UAE develops as a celebration of love and harmony, woven from the traditions of over 200 ethnicities.

Christmas in the UAE unfolds as a celebration of love and unity, weaving a tapestry of traditions from over 200 nationalities. 

Families merge diverse cultural practices to create unique celebrations in this multicultural country.

Ukrainian-Nigerian Fusion Celebration:

Margaryta Damilare, a Ukrainian expat in the UAE for over 11 years, merges Ukrainian and Nigerian traditions for a distinctive Christmas celebration. 

Embracing the country’s safety and multiculturalism, the family decorates a Christmas tree, meets Santa Claus at UAE markets, and enjoys festive activities. 

The day includes opening gifts, a delightful breakfast, and afternoon tea, culminating in laughter-filled evenings with beloved Christmas movies like Home Alone.

American Family’s Wonders of the UAE Trip:

American expat Allison Jones, a stay-at-home mom, brings a touch of home to her Christmas celebrations. With her husband, a professional basketball player granted a rare three-day break, the family explores the wonders of the UAE. 

As devoted Christians, they maintain the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.

Despite working on Christmas Day, Rodolfo, a Filipino expat, finds spiritual richness in Simbang Gabi at St. Mary’s Church. 

Gathering with family on December 24, they enjoy a festive feast called “Noche Buena” and exchange gifts. Traditional Filipino dishes fill their home, creating an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

Gratitude and Togetherness in the Expatriate Community:

Ferdinand Fulo Fraga, a Filipino expat working in the UAE for almost 17 years, expresses gratitude for the three-day break granted by his considerate boss. 

Despite being away from family, Ferdinand joins fellow Christians in Dubai to exchange gifts and a shared meal, forging bonds of togetherness within the expatriate community.

A Unifying Spirit in Diverse Celebrations:

In the UAE, Christmas is celebrated with a unifying spirit that transcends cultural boundaries. 

Families from different backgrounds come together, creating lasting memories, embracing one another, and spreading joy during this festive season. 

The diverse tapestry of Christmas traditions mirrors the nation’s commitment to unity in diversity.

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