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Careem to roll out electric delivery bikes in Dubai

The first stage of carbon-neutral bikes will be on the city's streets later this month.

The first stage of carbon-neutral bikes will be on the city’s streets later this month.

Electrifying Dubai’s Roads:

Careem, in collaboration with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority, is set to introduce electric delivery bikes onto Dubai’s streets by the month’s end. This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to offer more environmentally friendly transportation alternatives.

Toward Carbon Neutrality:

While the initial phase’s specific bike count remains undisclosed, Sami Amin, Careem’s Senior Director of Operations for Careem Bike, expressed the ambition to introduce 1,000 electric bikes on Dubai’s roads by next year. 

This move supports the UAE’s net-zero objectives, emphasizing Careem’s dedication to regional improvement.

Addressing Environmental Impact:

Careem’s current delivery services rely on combustion engine motorbikes, which are costly to operate and contribute significantly to pollution. Amin highlighted the pivotal role of electric delivery bikes in enhancing operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Advantages of Electric Bikes:

Switching to electric bikes promises multifaceted advantages, including reduced operational costs, lower pollution levels, and improved sustainability. Careem’s transition to these eco-friendly vehicles signifies a step toward a more environmentally conscious delivery service.

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