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Car Crash Near Joe Biden’s Motorcade Sparks Security Alert

On the way out of President Joe Biden's campaign offices in Delaware on Sunday, a car crashed with a vehicle linked to his motorcade.

During US President Joe Biden’s departure from his campaign headquarters in Delaware on Sunday, a car collided with a vehicle attached to his motorcade, causing a security scare and a moment of alarm for the president.

Swift Response by Security Personnel:

Amidst a loud bang resulting from the sedan crashing into an SUV positioned close to Biden, security personnel swiftly acted, rushing the president into another vehicle, ensuring his immediate safety. Biden was quickly whisked away from the scene in downtown Wilmington.

A White House official confirmed to an AFP reporter who witnessed the incident that the president and First Lady Jill Biden were unharmed. Further inquiries were directed to the US Secret Service.

Journalists Witness and React to the Incident:

Journalists, part of the pool report assembled outside the campaign offices, had just concluded shouting questions to Biden when the crash occurred. 

They observed the president’s surprised expression and the subsequent swift response of security agents, who apprehended the driver of the silver car with Delaware license plates.

Security personnel acted swiftly, cordoning off the area and instructing reporters to join the motorcade as it left the rain-soaked scene. Staff members hurriedly gathered reporters amidst the security measures being taken.

President’s Safe Arrival at Family Home:

Despite the startling incident, Biden reached his family home safely without any further untoward events. The situation was contained, and the president’s journey concluded without incident.

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