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Captain Safia Hosein: Embodiment of Ambition in the Skies and Atop Icy Peaks

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Charting Untraveled Paths in the Air and on Earth

Dubai, January 19, 2024 – Making waves in the realms of aviation and mountaineering, Captain Safia Hosein stands as a testament to relentless perseverance and indomitable spirit. A revered helicopter pilot in the UAE, she has also etched her name in history by being the first Trinidadian to ascend the frosty summit of Antarctica’s highest peak.

A Journey from the Caribbean to the Crest of the World

Hailing from the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Captain Hosein’s voyage to the zenith of Antarctica’s Mount Vinson is nothing short of epic. This accomplishment is not just a personal victory but a proud moment for her Caribbean homeland and her adopted home, the UAE.

Soaring Above the Clouds

In her aviation career, Captain Hosein has demonstrated exceptional prowess, steering her helicopter through the UAE’s unique topography with grace and expertise. Her role as a pilot is distinguished by her commitment to excellence, earning her respect and admiration in an industry where precision is paramount.

An Inspirational Figure for Aspiring Aviators

Captain Hosein’s triumphs serve as a beacon, inspiring a new generation of women to reach for the skies in the aviation sector. She stands as a role model, showcasing that gender boundaries in the skies are meant to be flown past, not adhered to.

Surmounting Obstacles Beyond the Horizon

The narrative of Captain Hosein’s life parallels the peaks she surmounts—both tangible and metaphorical. Her narrative is one of overcoming, whether it’s the societal norms in a male-dominated field or the towering challenge of a mountain like Vinson. Her life is a vivid illustration of what is possible when one dares to dream and act.


Captain Safia Hosein’s dual passions for flight and mountain climbing encapsulate her as an emblem of high-flying aspiration and earthbound adventure. Her dual conquests of air and ice are not only a celebration of her own feats but also an inspiration for those who aim to forge their own paths in the skies and beyond.

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