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Canadian Expat Wins Dh25,000 Monthly Salary for 25 Years in Emirates Draw

Robert Burkovski struck gold when he won a monthly salary of Dh25,000 for the next 25 years in the Emirates Draw.

A Canadian expatriate in the UAE, Robert Burkovski, has struck luck by winning a monthly salary of Dh25,000 for the next 25 years through Emirates Draw’s EASY6 grand prize. 

His winning strategy involved playing with a set of numbers derived from a familiar sequence, occasionally incorporating random picks suggested by his children.

Practical Plans for Winnings, Enhancing Day-to-Day Comfort:

Burkovski, 54, expressed that the substantial prize won’t lead to extravagant spending. Instead, he intends to utilize the funds to enhance day-to-day living, covering expenses like housing, groceries, and his children’s activities. 

The winnings, he noted, will contribute to making life more comfortable for his family.

A New Chapter in UAE: Business and Lifestyle Change:

Having moved to the UAE from Canada around 18 months ago for business and a lifestyle change, Burkovski, a professional consultant, discovered Emirates Draw as a reminiscent pastime from his Canadian days. 

He decided to participate, and the win was a pleasant surprise, marking a positive turn in his journey since relocating.

Continuing the Winning Streak:

Burkovski, expressing disbelief even after receiving an email confirmation of his win, stated that he and his wife still accept the reality of their fortune. 

Despite the incredulity, he affirmed his intent to continue participating in the draw. 

As the fourth winner of the FAST5 grand prize in under six months since the game’s launch, Burkovski’s success adds to the growing list of fortunate Emirates Draw participants.

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