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Canadian Expat Hala Aluraibi’s Love for Her Toyota Sequoia in Dubai

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Canadian expat Hala Aluraibi has a unique bond with her 2016 Toyota Sequoia, a vehicle that has become more than just transportation in Dubai. Having moved from Toronto to the UAE in 1999, Aluraibi has fully embraced life in Dubai, finding a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in the emirate. Professionally, she has thrived as a Director of Operations & Strategy, navigating diverse roles across various sectors, from technology to wellness.

The Sequoia Experience

For Aluraibi, her Sequoia is an integral part of her journey in the UAE. It’s not merely about getting from point A to B; it’s about exploration and comfort. She enjoys cruising through the Emirates’ varied landscapes, from dunes to coastal roads, using these drives to delve into the cultural richness of each emirate. This connection with her car is so deep that she affectionately named it Dean.

Despite not being an off-road enthusiast or having a large family, Aluraibi was drawn to the Sequoia for its perfect fit and comfort. It was a choice made after much deliberation and many test drives. Her first trip in the Sequoia was to Liwa, to show her father her new ride, marking a significant moment in her life.

A Personal Touch

The Sequoia, according to Aluraibi, is more than just a vehicle; it’s a part of her family’s life. Its spacious and comfortable interior makes it a favorite among her friends for trips, effectively a ‘living room on wheels.’ She expresses a bit of disappointment that the Sequoia has been discontinued in the UAE, despite newer models being available in other markets.

Despite the abundance of more expensive cars, Aluraibi finds her Sequoia unparalleled due to the personal connection and the feelings it evokes when she drives it. She humorously notes the service team’s amusement at her affectionate care instructions for her ‘handsome boy.’

Looking to the future, Aluraibi, now a self-professed Sequoia super fan, dreams of owning the latest edition. She envisions taking her father on a long, comfortable cross-country journey across Canada and the States, a testament to her love for road trips and the Sequoia’s role in them.

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