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California Hit by Powerful Waves, Prompting Evacuations and Injuries

According to KETY-TV, California's coastlines suffered high waves on Thursday, resulting in eight reported injuries.

As per KETY-TV, California’s shores experienced intense waves on Thursday, resulting in eight reported injuries. A powerful swell from the Pacific Ocean led to coastal flooding, triggering evacuation alerts in several areas.

Dramatic Encounters and Evacuation Measures:

In Ventura, bystander footage captured a rogue wave colliding with a seawall, causing panic among onlookers who hurried inland to escape the onrushing water. Evacuation warnings were issued initially in coastal Marin County and later in Capitola Village.

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued alerts, forecasting waves ranging from 28 to 33 feet and potentially reaching up to 40 feet in certain locations. Reports of flooding in low-lying coastal areas accompanied these warnings.

Dangers and Safety Advisories:

NWS advised caution, highlighting the risks of ‘sneaker waves’ that can unexpectedly surge far onto beaches, posing threats to individuals. Forecasters urged people to avoid rocky areas and not turn their backs on the ocean due to the unpredictable nature of these waves.

Escalating Conditions and Weekend Projections:

Anticipating worsening conditions, particularly in southern California, forecasts indicated heightened surf, with San Diego expecting the most significant waves on Saturday. Los Angeles and San Diego were under high surf advisories and coastal flooding alerts until Saturday evening.

NWS emphasized the life-threatening surf conditions, urging people to stay out of the water and avoid waterside structures like jetties and piers. 

In Aptos, north of Monterey Bay, waves breached the beach, inundating a parking lot and leaving debris strewn across the area.

Resident Reactions to the Waves:

Residents in Aptos expressed awe and concern at the force of the waves, describing them as formidable and impactful. Many empathized with those residing in low-lying areas affected by the surge.

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