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Burjeel’s Humanitarian Efforts Provide Dh2 Million Medical Aid and Joy for Gazan Children

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Abu Dhabi-headquartered Burjeel Holdings has recently made significant contributions to support injured Gazan children receiving urgent medical treatment in Egypt. The healthcare group’s efforts include supplying medical supplies worth Dh2 million and launching a recreational project aimed at bringing joy to young patients recovering at Al-Arish Hospital in Egypt.

In a bid to enhance medical facilities at the Rafah border, Burjeel Holdings has extended its support to bolster the healthcare infrastructure in the region. The humanitarian aid, delivered via a special aircraft from Abu Dhabi, comprises essential medical equipment aimed at addressing trauma and emergency cases, cardiac conditions, respiratory issues, diagnostics, and critical surgeries. The shipment includes vital equipment such as defibrillators, anesthesia machines, X-ray machines, operating tables, BiPaps, portable ventilators, OT lights, examination lights, diagnostic sets, and various medical consumables.

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, along with officials at Al-Arish International Airport, received the medical supplies. Expressing gratitude for Burjeel Holdings’ support, Dr. Ghaffar emphasized the importance of private sector collaboration in strengthening humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, the founder and chairman of Burjeel Holdings, reiterated the organization’s commitment to ensuring the holistic health and well-being of the children and their families. He emphasized the significance of equipping healthcare professionals with essential tools to save lives and deliver quality care during critical times.

In addition to medical aid, Burjeel Holdings has introduced a recreational project tailored for young Gazan children recovering at Al-Arish Hospital. This initiative aims to uplift the spirits of the children and provide them with moments of joy amid their recovery journey. The recreational area within the hospital premises features a dedicated video game zone and a vibrant play area adorned with toys, creating a conducive environment for the children to engage in recreational activities.

Dr. Ghaffar, accompanied by a delegation, visited the recreational area, underscoring the positive impact of such initiatives in restoring a sense of normalcy for the traumatized children. The project aligns with Burjeel Holdings’ ongoing efforts to enhance the mental health and well-being of vulnerable communities.

Burjeel Holdings’ humanitarian endeavors come at a crucial time, as Gazan children continue to face significant challenges, including injuries and trauma resulting from ongoing conflicts. By providing both medical aid and recreational support, Burjeel Holdings aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these children and contribute to their overall recovery and well-being.

Through its unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes, Burjeel Holdings sets a commendable example of corporate social responsibility, demonstrating the importance of collective efforts in addressing pressing humanitarian needs.

In conclusion, Burjeel Holdings’ initiatives exemplify the spirit of compassion and solidarity, offering hope and support to Gazan children during their time of need.

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