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British Airways reintroduces Abu Dhabi to route map

Abu Dhabi International Airport's recent Terminal A to greet British Airways.

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s recent Terminal A to greet British Airways.

British Airways has made a significant announcement regarding the return of Abu Dhabi to its route map. This decision marks a comeback after a four-year hiatus, offering passengers new options for year-round flights from London Heathrow.

Frequent Flights with Boeing 787-9

The new route between London Heathrow and Abu Dhabi will be served by a Boeing 787-9 aircraft, offering passengers the convenience of three daily flights. 

This increased frequency underscores the airline’s commitment to providing enhanced travel options to and from Abu Dhabi.

British Airways’ re-entry into the Abu Dhabi market is a positive development for travelers and is expected to facilitate easier access to this prominent destination from the United Kingdom and beyond.

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