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Bringing Relief to Motorists, As UAE Fuel Prices Drop Significantly

Residents and commuters in the UAE have reacted positively to the decrease in fuel prices.

The UAE Fuel Price Committee has announced a noteworthy reduction in local petrol and diesel prices for November 2023. 

This move comes after four consecutive months of price increases, providing significant relief to motorists nationwide.

Price Reduction Details:

The price of the Super 98 variant has been reduced by 11.9%, now standing at Dh3.03 per liter. 

The Special 95 variant sees a 12.3% decrease, with the price set at Dh2.92 per liter, and the E-plus variant experiences a 12.57% reduction, settling at Dh2.85 per liter. 

Diesel prices have also been lowered by 15 fils, now priced at Dh3.42 per liter.

A Well-Received Relief:

The reduction in fuel prices has been met with positive reactions from residents and commuters in the UAE. 

Anil Kumar, a Dubai resident, expressed his satisfaction, highlighting the relief this brings to people in the sales and transport sectors. 

For regular travelers to the Northern Emirates for business, this price drop translates to significant monthly savings.

Tangible Savings for Commuters:

Abu Al Hassan, a Sharjah resident who commutes to Dubai daily, expressed his excitement about the lowered fuel rates. 

He emphasized that after several months of rising fuel prices, this news not only brings relief but also tangible savings to his daily commute. 

It’s considered a significant relief for residents facing the daily fuel cost.

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