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Brian Grubb’s Gravity-Defying ‘Wakebase’ Stunt: A Tale of Thrills

Brian Grubb stretched the limits of extreme sports by embracing Dubai's skyscrapers in a daring act of daredevilry.

Brian Grubb, the fearless American wakeskating maverick and three-time world champion, pushed the boundaries of extreme sports by embracing Dubai’s skyline for an audacious act of daredevilry.

Wakeskating, akin to waveboarding but sans the rope, embodies the essence of skateboarding on water while clutching a rope for control—a thrilling blend of balance and daring.

At a vertigo-inducing 294 meters above sea level, Grubb embarked on an unparalleled endeavor, utilizing the infinity pool atop the Address Beach Resort’s sky bridge as his canvas.

An Unprecedented Confluence of Feats:

November 29 marked an unprecedented fusion of stunts for Grubb. A jaw-dropping 94-meter wakeskating feat across the rooftop pool served as a prelude to the pinnacle—a spine-tingling launch off a ramp atop the 77-story skyscraper.

Dubbed ‘Wakebase,’ Grubb’s visionary project aimed to merge wakeskating with a base jump—a daring synthesis demanding seven years of contemplation and preparation.

The Grueling Preparation:

Behind this feat lay meticulous planning and extensive training. Under the guidance of base jumping legend Miles Daisher, a custom-built drone and rigorous training equipped Grubb for this unprecedented spectacle.

Grubb’s mental endurance was tested through a grueling regimen, spanning the United States to Switzerland, culminating in 106 base jumps under Daisher’s tutelage.

The Perfect Canvas for Adventure:

Dubai, renowned as an adventure haven, beckoned Grubb with its perfect blend of high waters and architectural marvels. 

The Address Beach Resort’s architectural configuration and the highest invisible edge pool proved ideal for Grubb’s audacious ambitions.

Mission Accomplished:

Eyes fixed on Dubai’s skyline and heart set on the impossible, Grubb and his team orchestrated a spectacle that blurred the lines between gravity and human audacity, cementing ‘Wakebase’ as a milestone in extreme sports history.

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