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Breakthrough Technology Aims to Replace Drugs for Disease Cure

Mary Lou Jepsen pioneered a revolutionary device that uses infrared lights and Moore's Law to potentially revolutionise healthcare.

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO and founder of OpenWater, introduced a groundbreaking technology harnessing infrared lights and Moore’s Law to potentially revolutionize healthcare. 

This innovation aims to address up to 90% of diseases, from aggressive cancer to stroke and depression, offering a transformative approach to curing ailments.

Holographic Imaging for Body Scanning:

Speaking at the Dubai Future Forum, Dr. Jepsen revealed OpenWater’s focus on imaging technology utilizing holographic, infrared techniques to scan the human body. 

She envisioned shrinking this software to a smartphone size within the next decade, envisioning a paradigm shift in medical treatment and the potential dissolution of traditional hospital setups.

Profound Implications and Future of Healthcare:

Describing the far-reaching implications, Dr. Jepsen emphasized the potential redefinition of hospitals, suggesting a future where hospitals may no longer be necessary. 

This revolutionary technology promises to fundamentally alter disease treatment approaches and healing methods.

Semiconductors and Super Electronics Driving Innovation:

Dr. Jepsen, leveraging semiconductors and superelectronics, detailed how this technology harnesses the power of smartphones, using next-generation lasers to measure blood flow more effectively than conventional MRI machines. 

The evolution of this laser technology from room-sized and expensive to smartphone-sized and cost-effective highlights a significant breakthrough in medical innovation.

From Impossibility to Reality:

Dr. Jepsen’s history of transforming impossible ideas into reality includes her role in the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement and her contributions to advancing virtual and augmented reality at Google X and Facebook’s Oculus VR. 

Her determination and past successes illustrate her ability to pioneer transformative initiatives.

Partnership Opportunities in the UAE:

Expressing optimism about finding partners in the UAE, Dr. Jepsen aims to collaborate with individuals or organizations interested in bringing this cutting-edge technology to production. 

Despite initial skepticism, her history of turning ambitious concepts into tangible successes fuels her confidence in finding support in the UAE’s innovative landscape.

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