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Breaking the red-light signal in Abu Dhabi can attract penalty of Dh50,000.

UAE Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine
Abu Dhabi police to fine Motorists for jumping Red Signal

Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists to not to jump the signal which would additionally confiscate driving license for six months.

Motorists who leap the red light in Abu Dhabi Emirate will need to pay consequences amounting to Dh51,000, and also will have their driver licences confiscated for 6 months, the Abu Dhabi Police reminded in a fresh warning on Sunday.

The consequences for the violation, which could cause critical street visitors accidents or even fatalities, had been multiplied in Law No five of 2020 on Impoundment of Vehicles in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. An instantaneously best of Dh1,000 is imposed at the violator, at the side of 12 visitors points. In addition, the car is impounded for 30 days.

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In order to retrieve the impounded car from the impound yard, a charge of Dh50,000 is due. A car remains impounded till prices are paid, otherwise it’s far auctioned if extra than 3 months have exceeded from the date of impoundment and it has not been claimed by the owner.

A wide variety of different serious violations additionally convey the Dh50,000 and impoundment penalty, together with colliding with or damaging police vehicles, taking part in unauthorised avenue racing, using with out legitimate license plates, using recklessly in a way that endangers the existence of the driver or others.

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