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Breaking Gender Barriers: UAE’s First Women-Only Job Portal

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Empowering Women in the Workplace: UAE’s Pioneering Female-Only Job Portal

In a groundbreaking move, Dubai resident Priyanka Sengar has launched the UAE’s first women-only job portal, Women First Jobs. This innovative platform aims to tackle workplace bias and create more opportunities for women.

Challenging the Status Quo

Priyanka Sengar, with 14 years of experience in sales in India and the UAE, often faced questions about balancing family and work during job interviews. Recognizing the societal challenges women face, such as late entry into the workforce and societal expectations to manage home and work, she envisioned a job portal specifically for women.

Women First Jobs: A Platform for Change

Women First Jobs caters to women from different nationalities, including those who leave their jobs to join spouses in the UAE or take career breaks following motherhood. The portal lists white-collar jobs and special initiatives for women returning to work after career breaks. It also prioritizes resumes of women who have taken breaks, offering mentorship and support.

Tackling DEI and Workplace Equity

The platform is not just a job portal; it’s an initiative to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Women First Jobs helps companies achieve their Emiratisation and diversity goals with a robust database of female Emirati candidates. It also addresses the pay gap and opportunity disparities between men and women.

Changing Mindsets and Cultivating Talent

Priyanka’s mission extends beyond job listings. She aims to challenge traditional views about women’s roles and capabilities in the workplace. By conducting DEI workshops and highlighting women’s unique strengths, such as emotional intelligence, the platform seeks to shift perceptions and promote gender equality in the corporate world.


Women First Jobs is more than a job portal; it’s a movement towards empowering women in the UAE’s workforce. By providing a dedicated platform for women, it not only addresses the gender gap in employment but also contributes to a more diverse and inclusive work environment. This initiative reflects the changing dynamics in the workplace and underscores the UAE’s commitment to gender equality.

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