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Brazil lose their first-ever World Cup qualifier on home soil against Argentina

Lionel Messi considers there "could have been a tragedy" during the fan trouble that delayed Argentina's World Cup qualifier vs Brazil.

Lionel Messi considers there “could have been a tragedy” during the fan trouble that delayed Argentina’s World Cup qualifier vs Brazil.

Pre-Game Scuffles:

Prior to kickoff, a tumultuous situation unfolded at the Maracana Stadium, with police charging at away fans, sparking scuffles. Lionel Messi highlighted that this section of the stadium housed players’ friends and family.

Messi’s Intervention:

In an attempt to diffuse the escalating tension, Argentina’s captain, Lionel Messi, and his team intervened, approaching the situation to calm it down. Witnessing the aggressive behavior by law enforcement, Messi expressed concern about the excessive use of force and the potential danger it posed.

Condemnation of Police Action:

Messi’s remarks expressed dismay over the police’s actions, drawing parallels to a previous incident during the Libertadores final where similar repression by the police occurred. 

His concern resonated with the intensity of the moment, highlighting the risk of a potentially tragic outcome had the situation not been de-escalated.

Retreat to Locker Room:

The decision to return to the locker room was made in an effort to de-escalate tensions and prevent further conflict. Messi emphasized that this move was a proactive measure to prevent the situation from worsening and potentially spiraling into something far more severe.

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