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Bollywood Actor Ranvir Shorey Slams IndiGo for 10-Hour Flight Delay Due to Alleged Mismanagement

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Delhi, India: Bollywood’s Ranvir Shorey recently faced an unexpected hurdle during his travel plans, as he encountered a substantial delay in his flight with IndiGo Airlines. The incident, which unfolded on a Sunday, involved a delay extending over 10 hours for a flight that was initially scheduled to depart from Delhi at 2 p.m.

Shorey, along with his group of eight, had arrived at the airport and completed their check-in process two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, they were only informed of a delay at the last moment, with the airline citing poor weather conditions, particularly fog, as the cause. This delay was not communicated prior to their arrival at the airport.

As the day progressed, the departure time was repeatedly postponed. Initially pushed to 5 p.m., it was further delayed to 8 p.m. Shorey expressed skepticism over the delay, as the weather seemed to be improving. His doubts were compounded when a friend in his group found out that the aircraft meant for their flight was in fact in Bangalore, not delayed due to fog in Kolkata as claimed by the airline.

The situation worsened when, at 8 p.m., they were notified of another delay, pushing the departure past 10 p.m. Shorey’s frustration grew as he learned that the actual reason for the delay was not weather-related but due to the absence of a pilot. This lack of transparent and accurate communication from IndiGo’s staff led to increased anxiety and chaos among the passengers.

Finally, their flight departed close to midnight, a staggering 10 hours behind schedule. Shorey ended his ordeal by sharing his experience on social media and voicing his plans to file a formal complaint against IndiGo Airlines for the inconvenience and stress caused by this prolonged delay. At the time of reporting, there had been no response from IndiGo Airlines regarding this incident

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