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Blackpink’s Jennie Embarks on a ‘Solo Journey’ with New Label ‘OA’

Jennie of Blackpink launched her "solo journey" with the debut of her label, 'OA.'

In an exciting update for fans, Blackpink’s Jennie revealed her foray into a “solo journey” with the launch of her label, ‘OA.’ 

The announcement follows the group’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment, although details about individual contracts remain uncertain.

Social Media Announcement and Insight:

Using Instagram as her platform, Jennie shared the news alongside a series of photos, expressing gratitude for the support received and anticipation for her upcoming solo venture in 2024. 

She introduced ‘OA’ as her newly established company and urged fans to show love to both her journey and the continued support for BLACKPINK.

Unveiling ‘OA’: The Concept Behind the Label:

According to its website, the label, founded in November 2023, is named ‘OA,’ representing ‘ODDATELIER.’ 

Described as a space aiming to create unconventional and attention-grabbing content, it reflects Jennie’s vision to venture into innovative and unexpected realms.

Despite previous speculations, Jennie had not confirmed the news until her recent Instagram announcement, offering fans an official glimpse into her new chapter in the music industry.

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