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Birthday Wish Comes True: Filipina Wins Dh100,000 in Mahzooz Draw

Yvonne, a Filipina expatriate, had a great birthday when her mother's dream for her to win the Mahzooz draw came true.

Filipina expatriate Yvonne celebrated a memorable birthday as her mother’s wish for her to win the Mahzooz draw came true. 

By purchasing a Mahzooz water bottle on Saturday morning, Yvonne secured an entry into the draw, winning 100,000.

Unexpected Call, Unbelievable Win:

While enjoying a Sunday morning outing with her family, Yvonne received an unexpected call from Mahzooz, informing her of the Dh100,000 win. 

Although she had participated in raffles in the Philippines, this marked her first significant victory.

Plans for the Prize:

Yvonne, a single mother of two, expressed gratitude for the win, emphasizing her intention to allocate a substantial portion of the prize money toward purchasing a house. 

As the family’s breadwinner, she also aims to financially support her siblings.

Other Lucky Winners Share the Joy:

Two additional winners, Jeevitha and Suresh, also secured Dh100,000 each in the Mahzooz draw. Jeevitha, a 32-year-old housewife in India, plans to use her winnings to start a business. 

Suresh, a 39-year-old IT professional in Sharjah, intends to settle financial obligations and provide for his one-year-old son.

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