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Binge Drinking Study Reveals Surprising Rankings Among OECD Countries

According to a recent OECD research, Denmark has the highest rate of binge drinking among its inhabitants.

A recent study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has identified Denmark as the country with the highest rate of binge drinking among its citizens. 

Romania and Britain followed closely behind in the rankings, shedding light on drinking habits across OECD member countries.

United States Unexpected Placement:

Despite being known as a nation with a drinking culture, the United States surprisingly secured 10th in the study’s rankings. 

This finding raised eyebrows due to the country’s reputation for alcohol consumption.

The study defined binge drinking as consuming at least six drinks in a single session. Shockingly, nearly one in five adults (19%) across the 29 surveyed countries reported engaging in heavy episodic drinking at least once a month.

Gender Disparities:

The research highlighted significant gender disparities in binge drinking habits. Approximately 26% of men admitted to heavy episodic drinking, compared to only 12% of women. 

In certain countries like Romania, over half of the surveyed men confessed to binge drinking, emphasizing the prevalence of this behavior among males.

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