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Big Ticket lotto win: UAE resident’s shared jackpot joy

Mohammed Meah expects to use his good luck to buy a family house.

Mohammed Meah expects to use his good luck to buy a family house.

A Fortunate Twist of Fate

Mohammed Meah, a Bangladeshi resident in Ras Al Khaimah, has been catapulted into jubilation after clinching a Dh1 million jackpot in the UAE lotto. 

Sharing this windfall with 18 companions, Mohammed, a personal driver, is relishing the prospect of securing a new family abode with his portion of the year-end prize.

A Stroke of Luck

Having participated in the Big Ticket draw for a year, Mohammed and his syndicate struck gold with four tickets in Monday’s weekly draw. With Mohammed picking the winning numbers, the group of 19 is set to claim approximately Dh52,600 each from the jackpot.

A Joyous Collective

Elated by the shared victory, Mr. Meah shared, “We are a group of 19 people, we have been buying the Big Ticket every month for one year now.” Their steadfast commitment to the draw finally paid off, marking an unforgettable chapter in their collective journey.

Mohammed Meah’s win stands as a testament to the spirit of shared fortune and camaraderie, emphasizing the joy of celebrating success together.

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