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Big Bad Wolf Book Fair Set to Enchant Sharjah with Literary Delights

Big Bad Wolf Book Fair is set to fascinate Sharjah's book lovers, delivering an immersive and exhilarating reading experience.

The highly anticipated Big Bad Wolf Book Fair is poised to captivate book enthusiasts in Sharjah, promising an immersive and thrilling literary experience. From December 19 to January 7, the fair will greet visitors from 10 am to 12 pm, inviting them into a world of discounted treasures.

Insights from Andrew Yap:

In an exclusive conversation with Khaleej Times, Andrew Yap, the co-founder and managing director of Big Bad Wolf, shed light on the fair’s inception and its significance. 

Yap articulated the organization’s mission to transform the world through books, particularly by engaging children, emphasizing the importance of creating an enticing atmosphere that makes reading enjoyable.

Discounted Paradise for Book Lovers:

Yap divulged details about the enticing discounts awaiting attendees, with prices starting at a staggering 85% off and some books priced as low as Dh2. 

Highlighting affordability as a cornerstone, he assured visitors that a world of affordable reads would await them upon entry, making the fair a haven for book lovers seeking budget-friendly options.

Diverse Offerings and Vast Selection:

The fair promises diverse genres, encompassing fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Boasting an impressive collection of 50,000 titles, Yap acknowledged the vast choices available, suggesting that exploring the entirety of the selection might require multiple days.

Sharjah’s Debut and Community Excitement:

This marks the inaugural Big Bad Wolf Book Fair in Sharjah, a city renowned for its literary fervor and cultural richness. 

Yap expressed enthusiasm for introducing the fair to Sharjah, acknowledging the city’s vibrant community of readers and students passionate about books, highlighting the prior travel of Sharjah residents to Dubai for similar events, and indicating a substantial demand for such gatherings.

Support and Future Prospects:

Reflecting on the UAE’s experience with Big Bad Wolf, Yap commended the consistent governmental support and stressed the significance of affordable books for children. 

Advocating for a balance between bookstores and eateries, he emphasized the need to nourish both the mind and body. 

He envisioned future expansions to other emirates and cited media collaboration as pivotal for success in these endeavors.

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