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Bhutan Aims to Boost Tourism by Reducing Airfares and Offering Incentives

Bhutan has announced plans to expand its tourism sector in order to cut what is usually regarded as "expensive" airfares for visitors to the country, says Bhutan Live.

Bhutan has announced plans to boost its tourism sector to reduce what is often perceived as “expensive” airfares for travelers visiting the country, as reported by Bhutan Live.

Reducing Airfares to Attract More Travelers:

The country’s Finance Minister believes that lowering airfares will increase the number of tourists visiting Bhutan. 

The high cost of airfare has historically discouraged potential visitors from choosing Bhutan as their destination.

In addition to reducing airfares, the government has introduced several other incentives. One notable change is the reduction of the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) from USD 200 to USD 100 per person per night. This change aims to make Bhutan a more affordable destination for tourists.

Support for Low-Cost Hotels and Long-Stay Programs:

To further attract tourists, the government is exploring the possibility of allowing low-cost hotels to accommodate travelers. Additionally, they are considering the creation of long-stay incentive programs.

The government is actively collaborating with Drukair Corporation and Bhutan Airlines to implement the reduction in airfare. 

This move is part of a broader incentive strategy aimed at addressing concerns from tourists regarding the high cost of air travel to Bhutan.

Debate Over SDF Policy:

While these measures are seen as positive steps to boost tourism, some lawmakers believe that the frequent modifications to the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) policy may not be the most effective approach to advancing the tourist sector.

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